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I am a woman. I am a practicing attorney. I am the only woman in my office over the age of 35 who doesn’t color her hair. I have some gray, but not a lot yet, and I never seriously considered coloring my hair until this job. I don’t want to: it’s expensive and a pain in the ass to keep up. About a year ago, I was in court, and a female attorney walked in with curly, bobbed, naturally gray hair, and her mere act of publicly displaying her natural hair color seemed not just unusual but defiant. Meanwhile many men in my office and in the courts have gray hair, and I doubt anyone thinks twice about it.

What a beautiful photoset of women. Women we don’t often see portrayed in the media, but these are, indeed, women — just as grey-haired men are men.

I can’t wait for grey. I hope it’s more on the white side.

it’s our future selves

This seriously makes my heart happy

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"I would have preferred this writer explore these ideas" is an opinion.

"This writer has trouble with certain aspects of story-telling" is a criticism.

"This writer sucks and is talentless" is a mean-spirited insult.

"This writer should die" is a vile, shitty thing for which there is no excuse for saying.

Please learn the difference and please don’t pretend you’re doing one of the two former when you’re doing one of the two latter.

*slow clap*


Hello dear, hope life’s treating you well. 

I’ll just cut to the chase and tell you about this weeks submission;
I have always been drawn to these beautiful patterns and color combinations. Surrounding myself with and wearing them makes me feel like myself even though they come from a culture so very different than mine. As much as I’m obsessed with grey melange t-shirts - wearing colors makes my day brighter. Simple as that.

Hugs and a great CC wednesday to the lot of you!

This photo is anything but ‘simple as that’. What a gorgeous submission. The colors and textures seem to wrap around your limbs and embrace you. I hope you are beyond pleased with this image - it almost looks like an oil painting to me. 

^^ that

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